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Submit a Guest Post
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Submit a Guest Post


Since we would like to develop this website to a fast-growing community of both readers and writers that will amaze us with their point of view on topics such as Entertainment, Lifestyle, Travel, and Home Improvement. Anyone eager enough to provide unique content to our website should read the writing guidelines before contributing to our service in order to meet all regulations. Nonetheless, remember to have fun while here and remember that we will always be there for you to make your day a bit more informative and fun with every new article!

Writing Guidelines

There are certain regulations that need to be fulfilled in order to make your writing acceptable and the overall community more engaging. Anything that is written about Entertainment, Lifestyle, Travel and Home Improvement in a unique and charming way is always welcomed with open arms. Feel free to carefully figure out ideas that will greatly improve your representation and increase the overall awareness about certain hot topics that this site covers.  Follow the instructions below in order to contribute unique and relevant content to our site.

Authentic work

Your contribution needs to be fun, appealing, informative but most importantly Authentic! We are only looking for professional and unique insight into various topics that will give a special touch to our readers that they will find nowhere on the internet. Therefore always remember that before posting to our website check the search engines for various results about the topic that you are writing since the content must be unique and not repeatable.

Seeing things from your point of view is the least we ask for

As you might have already guessed the unique insight is a top priority when choosing the right content to be implemented from our contributors. Do not hesitate to give us the unique insight into how you perceive certain topics since for more time then you can imagine it will be just the most wanted thing for our readers! Topics from our website cover nearly all areas of everyday life and there will be always a lot of space for you to enjoy the freedom of your views.

Your target audience

Just like we mentioned before, topics covered here are colorful and engaging for a wide circle of readers that come to our website. There is no definitive answer at what your target audience is. But, keep in mind that such great number of differently oriented readers will demand broad views about every topic so the more you are open, informative and engaging to them the greater number of visitors will eventually be satisfied.

The headline

It is the first thing that captures the eye of the reader. That is your chance to fascinate the potential reader and make him fall in love with your work from the first sight. The article headline needs to represent a tempting depiction of the issue or question that you are trying to explain. Keep it at least critical and informative for the general audience. It should consist of 6 words (more or less) that need to be alluring and appealing to a certain topic.

Use emotionally strong adjectives

(Astonishing, Powerfull, Strengthening, fascinating, etc…)

Put the numbers in the game. Odd numbers work better in comparison to even ones.

Try to ask the potential readers certain questions that regard the topic while giving the answer to the same questions later in the most profound way. This will encourage the reader to keep reading your work and needless to say give them the answer that they were looking for in the first place.

Note that every one of these proposals is changeable, simply ensure they work for you not against you while making a feature that will make your audience fall in love and demand even more work from you!

Article structure


The general rule and the optimal length is 500-600 words. Try not to go over  1500 words, except if the certain more sophisticated topic calls for such manner in order to fully explain some problems and issues regarding our topics.


Remember that human attention span is quite short. If your reader loses the interest in reading from the first sentence (which happens quite often) The first sentence can represent the deciding moment in the readers will to continue exploring. Use it to immediately capture the attention of the audience so their curiosity makes them stay for the whole text and eventually learn some of that expertise that you tried to implement.

Using one to two short paragraphs at the beginning of your writing can be just as good for capturing your reader’s attention since the overstacked text can make a potential reader tired instantly and he will look for other ways to inform on a certain topic.

Remember to always keep it illuminating with all the right questions asked and answers given, but at the same time, don’t forget that it needs to be entertaining as much as informative. Because at the end we are all here to have fun while learning something new!

The last sentence of your work should be concluding certain facts that we all looked for in the first place. This will leave your reader with satisfaction and sensation that he just learned something new while having a strong impact on his views about your work.


The general rule is that you need to separate the article into 3-5 sections with headings. Every section needs to examine certain important things regarding the main subject of the topic. Remember to separate those passages with spacing between them since no more then 2-3 sentences should be together at the same time. Great article structure enhances comprehensibility so maintain a strategic distance from content bulkiness. It will visually improve your text as well as the relaxation that your reader is going to have while observing it.


Every story needs the final act that needs to prove the moral of the story. Ending your story with a proper conclusion will enhance the overall sensation that we had while reading the text and most importantly it will prove the point that you tried to make in the first place.

Other useful links

You are allowed to add up to 2 in-article links that are most importantly relevant to the topic of your writing. When your article gets finished and we will respectfully request that you include a link to your own site that needs to be related to the subject.


Use single spaces between sentences. This will increase the feeling of relaxation for readers just like we mentioned before.

Use numbered or bulleted list choices when tilted.

Do not use unwanted and undue capitalization.

Feel free to add relevant pictures to your text, but always watch out for copyrights and other law regulations.


When you finally come up with the idea for your writing feel free to contact us via email with your title and Submission date. It will be highly appreciated

Your article should be emailed to us in *.doc format document for revision or offer a Google Drive connection of the record with authorized altering choices. Please do not forget to express your full name and title in the document name.

Concerning your article, kindly add a captivating meta depiction of 155 characters (not words) that will incorporate slogans your theme is centered around. It will most importantly increase your chances to be indexed highly on search engines and therefore make your work even more popular with the general audience.

Creator’s work

If it just happens that you are writing for our site for the first time please send us the following information about your self so we can get to know you better and find a more appropriate way to represent you to our readers:

Full name or pen name.

Short bio (3-5 sentences).

Don’t hesitate to incorporate a link to your site and additionally social media.

Image attachment of your headshot in jpg. the format at a minimum size of 600×600 pixels (this is optional).