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Why Home Renovation Companies Do It Better
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Why Home Renovation Companies Do It Better

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Why Home Renovation Companies Do It Better

Many times when we prepare to make a full or partial reform of our home, we think of hiring masons, carpenters, installers, painters, etc. to save some money. 

However, we usually tend to forget or simply neglect the carefree nature of signing a contract with a professional home renovation company. Today, we will help you see why it’s so much better to hire one before giving the task to the endless number of workers that never proved to be a safer solution. (Both in terms of time and money-saving.)

Not to mention that hiring a renovation company to reform a floor, bathroom, or kitchen is a highly recommended solution if we face works of a large size. 

Down below, you will find the reasons why renovation companies do it better, which we have divided based on specific criteria such as advice, guarantee, and legality, but also economic savings.

House Renovation Companies Provide Legal Guarantees

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Renovation companies provide you with legal guarantees through the invoice and your Civil Liability insurance.

  • Warranty with the invoice. Many times, if we do not hire a professional worker, they will not be able to offer a complete invoice for their work, and therefore, we will have no guarantee in case something goes wrong. 
  • With companies professional house renovation companies, this never happens, since by having a work invoice, the law obliges them to also give a guarantee for the same that we can demand if everything that is agreed is not met at the end.
  • Protection against complaints. According to the experience of a successful handyman from Naples FL, we are never free from a complaint when carrying out work. Even by a neighbor upset by the noise, since they usually decide to call the police or file a claim at the town hall. 

If the work permit is required, and you do not have it or cannot prove who is doing the work, you may suffer an economic penalty. These inconvenient situations will be avoided if you leave all the responsibility to the professionals that know very well how to take care of all the noise and unwanted attention that will surely be made.

  • Protection against possible damage to our property. If damage occurs to your property, you might not demand liability. If the people who do the work accidentally break a window, for example, or a house lamp when moving a ladder, you could not demand payment of the same, since none of the contracts signed before obliges them to do so.

Nor does the house insurance have to cover it, since it does not include works carried out illegally. In the case of tasks, it is essential to hire people that can guarantee insurance to take care of these accidents that sometimes can be of a meager amount and not cause problems, but which can also be very significant.

  • Security through Civil Liability insurance. You will have to pay from your pocket the possible damages to neighboring homes. Imagine that you hire someone to change the kitchen sink, and that person causes a flood that damages the ceiling of the floor below. 

Your insurance will not cover it since it has not been a home accident if its a result of illegal work and the worker will not be responsible since you cannot report who you have hired in a non-legal way

It will be your turn to pay for your neighbor’s ceiling paint. But what if there is a workshop under your house and what is damaged in an expensive machine? Have you been compensated for having someone that is not professional? I honestly think that is not the case.

  • Your insurance may not respond to future accidents. It’s not just the problems that may arise during work. Imagine that you change the electrical installation of your home, and people do work without their insurance in order. 

If a fire occurs due to a bad installation, the insurance will investigate the causes of the fire. It may not pay the compensation due if it is shown to be due to a bad electrical installation for which you cannot demand responsibility.

Economic Savings

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House renovation companies help you save on your home restoration. They offer tighter prices than independent professionals, can help you ask for subsidies for your renovation, and they offer you a contract where the work to be done is stipulated.

  • Usually, the companies are the order of the day with grants and subsidies from the state or specific autonomous communities. 

They will offer you those materials that are eligible from various businesses, such as some types of windows, enclosures, boilers, etc. always very linked with energy-saving.

  • When there are professionals accustomed to making this type of reforms, they will comply with work schedules and try to disturb the neighbors as little as possible. 

They will never work on weekends, and when there is a problem with third parties when having civil liability insurance, there will be no significant inconvenience for “Fix it as soon as possible” tasks.

  • We must bear in mind that when workers who don’t have professional contracts are hired, they will probably break deadlines and do the work when it’s not the appropriate time. 

It may be the case of making noise at the end of the day and weekends, which will eventually lead you to very unpleasant neighborhood conflicts. 

Besides, special care must be taken because when a nonprofessional individual is not discharged from work in your home and suffers a work accident. The owner of the said home will be responsible for it, and depending on the severity of the accident, our responsibility will increase exponentially.

  • The renovation company will sign a contract with you, where they are responsible for the excellent execution of the work in addition to managing all legal procedures before starting the job, such as the work license with the competent municipality

Always Provide You With Advice on Materials, Grants, Execution, Etc.

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House renovation companies advise you on materials, styles and save you time that will surely prove to be a problem when there is a single person in charge.

  • The Home renovation company will always meet with you and will put all their experience at your service while providing experienced advice; many of these professionals have long careers that mean more than anything in this kind of job. 

They can advise you on countless issues and let you see what would be better since many times, we dream of doing something unfeasible. They can also give us more tight and real budgets to what is the price of making a comprehensive renovation.

  • The renovation company will help us choose the materials and coordinate all the trades that will act in the reform so that the agreed deadlines are met.

In Conclusion

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One of the essential advantages of our point of view when hiring a renovation company is that at any time you know directly, who is responsible for everything that is agreed before

That is, you always know who to contact to discuss something or solve a problem. Not in vain like on many occasions when not a professional company is hired, and there is a breakdown, or something does not work. 

It’s common for the different professionals (masons, installers, carpenters, etc.) who have worked on the reform to blame each other, and in the end, nobody takes responsibility.

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