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Top 5 Best Volleyball Kneepads
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Top 5 Best Volleyball Kneepads

Volleyball Kneepads

Top 5 Best Volleyball Kneepads

If there is something we should always take care of is our physical state. With that being said you should never skimp buying the cheapest knee pads, because, in the end, you can end up with endless clinical expenses. Keep in mind that the material plays a vital role in these products. 

To achieve better comfort, try to have a good interior padding that allows you to perform technical gestures of volleyball more easily. In this article, we will bring to you some luxury options, super cheap options as well as reviews and quality characteristics of these products.

1. Neo G, Hinged Open Patella Knee Brace


These fascinating super hinged knee pads have a design that fits the anatomy of your body, created with anti-odor materials that will prevent moisture and bacteria from creating an unpleasant aroma. Provided by famous knee brace retailer Your Best Brace, It fits in sizes up to 56cm / 22In. Measure thigh circumference 4 Inches above knee for maximum size, with a double density padding for maximum comfort.

2. Large Under Armor Knee Pads


Incredible option with a body made of polyester, and a padded interior with double density in nylon, which increases shock protection. Also, it maximizes mobility thanks to its comfortable design, and it has been created to prevent sweat from bothering your knees, keeping you dry, cold and light.

3. Nike Essentials Volleyball Kneepad


There is a reason why professionals prefer this brand and the reason is quality. On this occasion, they bring us a pair of ergonomic knee pads with a low profile, which includes a foam that absorbs impacts, with an internal “dry-fit” coating for maximum comfort. It also has a design that impresses.

4. LR6 Mizuno Volleyball Knee Pads


Always be protected with this fabulous product that can not miss your volleyball equipment. It has a fantastic combination of polyester, cotton, and spandex that not only prevents wounds but will make you feel super comfortable increasing flexibility thanks to its cutting pad.

5. Professional Knee Pads MT9 Mikasa


Ideal for girls, it will provide fascinating protection, maximizing movement since they are quite elastic, and include a padding system that absorbs impacts. All this at the competition level, including cutting-edge technology, and increasing the flexibility behind your knee.

Importance of the Knee Pads


A game of this sport is loaded with a lot of hustle, risky positions, and sudden movements, just to prevent the ball from falling on your side of the court. All this puts at risk one of the most susceptible and important parts of our body, the knees. These knee pads prevent a fracture, strong blows, and very dangerous bruises.

Wound Prevention

The knees are one of the most important parts of the body: they support your weight and provide great functionality, such as movement. A knee injury is usually quite critical and requires a lot of therapy. Using these orthopedics will prevent you from losing an essential part to play.

Provides Confidence When Playing

It is impossible to do your best in a game if you are constantly worried about injuring yourself. However, using appropriate safety equipment will allow you not to hesitate for a second to make an impressive play.


Longevity is a point of great importance for athletes who have a deep love for their game. Not only will these products protect you from experiencing injuries, but they will ensure that your career lasts much longer.

Investment in Value

Buying a couple of these products, and avoiding a fracture will be much less expensive than having to pay for pain relievers, medical consultations, therapies or insurance deduction.

Higher Performance

The more confidence you have on the pitch, the greater the performance you have, managing to hit and stop any ball.

Features to Consider Before Buying


The key to finding a good pair is that they fit your needs well. This makes the difference between having a pain-free game and limping around the court.


When choosing a size, it doesn’t matter how tall or short you are, or how much you weigh. The only thing that matters is the size of your legs.


This feature varies depending on the position you play. Although, be sure to purchase padding that covers the kneecap and the lateral and middle areas of your knee.

Humidity and Dryness

Look for a unit that is made of non-abrasive and soft materials, which can also keep sweat away from the skin, or that have ventilation in the back, to allow evaporation of moisture.


Acquire a model that has some type of thickness, impact absorbent padding similar to memory foam, or high-density foam.


Comfort is the subject of personal preference. Some people like models that are more compression and narrow, while others prefer units that cover a larger area, so you must identify which ones you prefer.


These products come in an infinite number of colors, although white and black are the most popular. Many companies introduce products of different colors to the market, which allows you to acquire one that identifies with the color of your equipment, or your favorite color.

In Conclusion:


Practicing Volleyball without a pair of knee braces is a sure way to obtain an injury. And not just Volleyball, ask any professional athlete and you will hear that problems with knees are inevitable when there are numerous sudden movements made at the court at any minute. 

Obtaining a pair of knee braces that are ideal for your knees not only secure the healthy condition of your knees but also increase your overall performance on the court. 

Consult a professional medical staff today and find the best model for your needs according to their advice.

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