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Basic Advice on How to Setup your First Grow Room
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Basic Advice on How to Setup your First Grow Room

Women Holding A Pot Of Plants

Basic Advice on How to Setup your First Grow Room

Not all of us have that advantage of growing our favorite plant in the nice garden behind our house, or ideally somewhere on a farm. Luckily for all of you who are excluded from such an advantage, there are many ways today to optimize conditions so your plants can grow happy and healthy in the comfort of your home or garage. Stick with us to find out how is that achievable and what things will you need in order to do that.

First, Find a Suitable Place for it

Plants have been grown inside the homes for as long as we remember. Indoor grow box can help you regulate all the conditions that your plant needs in order to simulate the ones that are found in nature. There will be no smell, and most of all very small spacing is required in order to place the box somewhere and safely look through the opening as your plant grows happily.

We can try the services of companies like https://www.daviswin.com/ and install energy efficient windows to grow plants with maximum exposure and regulate the healthy sunlight that will shine upon our plants. But, is that all that’s needed or we might need to acquire our first grow box?

Usually, two grow boxes are just not enough, let alone one. So in order to maximize the growth potential, we go for our very own grow room where we expect many plants to grow in harmony one next to the other.

What do you need to set up your first grow room? Well, for the start we will need to find a suitable space for it. A garage would maybe be an ideal place for a grow room but they are already occupied with other stuff for most of the time or there might be a chance that you don’t own one. If that is the case then maybe a grow tent inside some of your rooms might be the perfect solution.

Almost any space can be used for grow room setup. Pay attention to the floor once you chose the space since you don’t want to create unwanted moisture on the floor that will eventually build up from all the watering and since that is the case the carpeted floors are not the option.

Other Necessary Equipment

Growing in a tent

Growing in a tent can relieve you from this unwanted moisture problem but reflective sheeting below the plants can do the trick too. Since you are creating unnatural conditions inside your house it is important to note that the less natural light you have inside your grow room the better. If there is any source of natural light coming inside, block it off.

The idea here is that the light that you will setup will mimic the perfect sunlight conditions and you don’t want some other source of sunlight to interfere with the one that you installed. You can always use additional supplemental grow lights to broaden your spectrum but the main source of light must be created out of ballast, lamp, and reflector. The power of the main light that is required depends on the plant that you are growing.

Consult the professional growers about the power that is required for your plant since there must never be too much of it let alone too few. The final important part of your grow room is an air exchange system. As you probably already know plants constantly consume CO2 and installing the right air system can be tricky but the general rule says that the more lights you have, the better your air exchange system needs to be.

Whatever your expectations might be, start with a small spacing and go for a smaller yield if you are a beginner in a growing business or if you are just enthusiastic that one day you will have a large grow room of your own. Don’t forget that no one can help you better with your growing expectations then the experienced growers and they will give you the best advice for that certain plant that you want to grow.

Maybe the best idea would be to invite them over to your home and before you even start to buy all the necessities ask them for additional advice. This can be a serious task just like anything that we put a lot of effort and money into so think about this obligation and of course happy growing!

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