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Lisbon – Stag do weekend on the edge of Europe
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Lisbon – Stag do weekend on the edge of Europe

Alfama Lisbon

Lisbon – Stag do weekend on the edge of Europe

Cutting edge party options on the shores of Europe is the main taste you can expect from the Lisbon Stag do weekend. Countless new visitors are flocking into this amazing old city full of breathtaking sites and entertainment possibilities that leave no one indifferent. The warm African wind cuddles the shores where party groove magnetize bachelor crews during every part of the year and none of them left unsatisfied. Blend into both budget travel and extravagant options in Lisbon, and chose the right one for your best man.

The best party possibilities on the edge of Europe

It should not come to you as a surprise that Lisbon stag do weekend is one of the top picks for thousands of crews annually. Lisbon averages around 5 million tourists per year, the equivalent of 9 visitors per every resident. That might give you an idea of cosmopolitan vibe that you will feel the moment you set your foot on Lisbon’s soil. The cities ancient port welcomed the sailors for thousands of years eager for a drink and night of fun that started to build the cities nightlife party circle that never stopped to expand.

Adding a piece to a piece to this already great party puzzle, today’s Portuguese capital is DJ hotspot and one of the most provocative party points of the EU. Typically the day should start somewhere around St. George’s Castle, a glorious position near Alfama on the crown of a hill overlooking the Portuguese capital. Breathtaking open cafes start to unfold deeper into the city where you can consolidate your plans for this adventure and drink and dine in an amazing surrounding.

For all of you who plan to explore Lisbon’s cultural heritage and all of its numerous landmarks, this proves to be the ideal start point. Keep in mind that such plans demand at least a couple of days to explore all the charming sites that hide around every corner. Nonetheless, you will be greeted with amazing sites everywhere you go that will fill your camera’s memory card and your mind for the rest of your life. The remnants of once glorious colonial empire can be seen on white marble gold-coated walls that usually home pubs where affordable drinks are served in the royal surrounding.

Charming activities that will make you fall in love with the city

Lisbon Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal skyline at Sao Jorge Castle.

Segway and Bus tours are the typical way to get to know the city during the day but there are numerous activities you can do to fill the time before the night settles in. Pay a visit to the famous football stadiums with organized tours or have a game on your own of hilarious bubble football after a couple of drinks, the options are many… That euphoric feeling before the night hours is going to transform itself into fiery party fever the moment you taste the Lisbon’s nocturnal sensation.

All along the banks Tagus river you can find provocative clubs that will charm you with unprecedented energy that will make your crew beg you to reserve the VIP booth and overlook the party as it unfolds. Ideally, hire a personal stripper and servant to add a spicy taste to your experience and also be prepared to fall in love with those Latina girls that light the fire of every party with their witty nature.

It doesn’t matter if you decide to go through the night with a DJ gig or a bustling live act, the most important thing is to try to enjoy as much different clubs as you can during your stay. Be prepared to fall in love with the Portuguese capital and let the nights spent there mark the most beautiful page of your life.

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