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How to Become a Professional Tattoo Artist?
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How to Become a Professional Tattoo Artist?

Tattoo Artist Making a Tattoo

How to Become a Professional Tattoo Artist?

Tattoos have come a long way since being depicted as a mere mark of pirates, criminals, and women of low morale. There was always a certain kind of rebelliousness associated with tattoos. Which is a good thing, having tattoos is an expression of your inner world and you choose to do it through this medium.

The tattoo artist is the one that can grasp into the inner workings of people and use their skin as a canvas. From the reconstruction of the Mona Lisa to crazy Mickey Mouse, through drunken tattoos made at a bachelor party. These creations can all represent the human being. And being able to make a “painting” which someone desires and represents who they are or what they love is a great responsibility and honor.

Improve Your Artistic Skills

As the old saying goes – “Practice makes it perfect”.

Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter and the co-creator of the Cubist movement. The interesting thing about Cubism is that it in its core it is a way of painting that deconstructs the human body. They do that by taking an element, an eye for example, from one perspective. Then the other eye from another perspective put it on the same face, and that is why you get those weird looking pictures.

Before Pablo Picasso was able to do this and see this kind of painting in his mind he was a realist painter. He perfected the realist style of painting, and only by knowing all of the forms could he do a thing like this.

The point of this story is that if you want to develop a certain kind of style that will be recognizable the best starting point would be from the beginning. Perfecting the most basic forms then gradually moving towards more and more complex forms. Because your canvas is someone’s skin, it would be pretty cool to find a friend who trusts you enough with his/her body.

Look for Training

Tattooing an Arm

Being artistic and having an eye for art is definitely your most valuable asset. However, these are not the only things you need to be a successful tattoo artist. Apart from the mentioned you need a steady hand (like a surgeon, you are handling someone’s skin), an eye for detail, and an open personality.

A steady hand and a developed eye for detail come in time with great practice. But having an open and friendly personality is maybe the key to being successful in this business. You’ll have to be able to communicate and understand the idea your customer has in mind. And the amount of time spent on a tattoo can vary from 15 minutes to even days. So imagine having to sit with someone for two days and not being able to communicate well enough. That could get pretty awkward.

Attending meetings and conferences during the time of your training can be of immense importance. You will be able to learn from the best by observing how others do their work, and by talking to people. There are groups you can join while being an apprentice of the art such as Tattoo Artists Guild and The Alliance of Professional Tattoos Inc.

Have a High-Quality Tattoo Machine

There is no quality unless you use a high-quality tool that will enable you to create shapes you desire. These machines can get expensive, but they will reward you in the end. The main difference a machine can make is in the detail. The more expensive run more constantly,  they don’t get hot and they don’t fall out of tune. They also vary in armature bar length, weight, and material.

If you’re not in a position to buy yourself a pricey machine right now that is ok because having a more expensive one won’t make you a better tattoo artist, practice will. And for the time being, you can use a cheaper one. Either way, you’ll have to invest a lot of time into discovering how your machine works and how to set it up before you start.

Ensure a Pleasant Working Space

As a beginner you probably won’t be able to purchase a tattoo shop right away, but why not think in advance? One of the most important things to bear in mind is the lighting. With good lighting, you’ll be able to pay much more attention to detail.

People like warm places and this may sound like a no brainer, but a lot of people forget there’ll be a bunch of people coming and going out of the shop. And the most important thing is for your customer to feel comfortable, so the temperature should always be just right.

As for the aesthetic, there are so many cool and fun things you can do with it. You are an artist and you’ll probably know what’s best for the kind of clientele you want to attract. One of the coolest studios always has that vintage kind of vibe, like old barbershops. However you choose to decorate your tattoo studio, there is no doubt you’ll do it in the best possible way there is!

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