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Eating Healthy While Traveling – Frequent Traveler Diet Guide
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Eating Healthy While Traveling – Frequent Traveler Diet Guide

Eating Healthy While Traveling – Frequent Traveler Diet Guide

When you are on vacation or traveling, the diet begins at home. The planning we think of is the number one attribute to keep our diet and to be able to eat what you want in a healthy way.

By planning your journey and what you can eat during the trip, the first obstacle is everyone gets to is moderation. You should ideally take care of this problem before it arises. By planning and preparing for the journey, everything will go smoother and you can eliminate concerns and choices that might be crazy while traveling.

Depending on the type of trip you are going to do, you can prepare your food, plan how much is needed and pack it according to how you plan to have meals. Make it as simple and easy to handle as possible, both in terms of space and with regard to what may be needed in the form of cutlery. Eating healthy while on the road seems at first glance like an easy thing to do and in the following lines we will tell you everything that you need to know about mastering this task.

One of the Most Important Parts of Our Travel That We Tend to Neglect

Healthy Food

When we are on vacation there should ideally be an apartment hotel where we can cook our food. Of course, for one reason or another, this is just not the case with most trips. Everyone who favors to eat healthy while traveling also go out to a restaurant but we also prefer to cook food in our kitchen apartment. It does not have to be super equipped tho, a hob and fridge are very long enough for the start of a healthy meal. 

Nowadays, there are more and more opportunities to eat special diets even at tourist resorts and both shops and restaurants realize the value of both specializing and becoming more accommodating of customers’ wishes. Whatever your dietary habits may be, there is no denying that eating healthy while traveling is simply something that most of us neglect while on the road. 

Food is extra important when you travel as it helps the body change to the time difference and establishes a routine. Also, the culinary experience is a very large part of the overall experience of the holiday. It’s a fact that when we fantasize about which countries we want to visit, the food culture is usually a big driving force in our choice of destination.

At the same time, you are very vulnerable on the road, especially if you have a food allergy, intolerance or special diet. It is also easy to fall into the “Holiday brain” and eat a lot of nutrient-poor food because – hey you are on vacation! Sure, vacationing is a rare phenomenon making it probably no difference but you can eat what you want during the limited time but with moderation. 

Remember that if you travel a lot then what you eat on the road has an even greater impact on your health. 

Eating Healthy Is a Tough Challenge Nowadays Wherever You Go


On the surface, it may not seem so difficult but even the smallest town or city has at least one restaurant or dinner. Most airports have something like a healthy alternative, an organic café or a place that specializes in salads. 

The question comes when you are on a budget, or when you are in the middle of nowhere. It’s much easier to go to dinner and motivate to order a hamburger when you only have six dollars for the night’s meal. Similarly, even if you are in the expense account and have money to burn, some places, for example, in rural America simply do not offer easy health food for purchases. Which means you have to improvise.

Below you will find some advice on how to eat healthy while traveling. They are not guarantees, and they will not work for everyone. But, consider the tools in your overnight bag, a piece of polishing to help you walk down the road. The emergence of the foodie culture has made eating well while traveling easier than it once was, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared.


Coffe and Food

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you should try to maintain it as healthy as possible. If the hotel has a breakfast buffet, there usually are no problems, since they offer everything possible and you can easily stick to their routines if you want. I personally always fancy a little extra when I stay at a hotel! 

Always eat some good bread with turkey and vegetables, scrambled eggs, bacon, and juice. If you are lactose intolerant you should avoid dairy products in the morning when you travel regardless of whether it is lactose-free. 

A bonus obvious tip: Dab with your fruit for a snack to get the healthiest breakfast whenever you are out of ideas!

If you are waking up early and need to have breakfast on the train, for example, you should always bring your lunch bag. Evade the option to buy a small dry white fella with cheese and cucumber for 5 dollars since you can eat more healthy for even less money. A typical breakfast bag for you should be a sourdough sandwich, with eggs or ham with greenery or some type of yogurt. Pay attention to the fact that you will need an adequate “energy boost” that every breakfast should provide you.



For lunch there are a lot of good things that you can eat and creating a healthy launch on the road should be the easiest task of all meals. If you do not want to have a salad, there are usually many other options. For example, fish and chips can be both a healthy and energy-rich boost to help you kick off the day.

Whatever your choice may be, remember that you do not overstuff your stomach as this meal needs to ideally be a middle snack between the two bigger ones.

Coffee break / Snack

Coffe Break

I suppose that you love to have coffee. It’s not just the coffee bread but the whole thing to sit in a cafe, talk about everything possible and let the hours go to relaxation. Here I think it can be a bit difficult if you are craving something more than just coffee or tea. 

We usually take something extra with a cup of coffee for most times, but if you want to go for a bit more healthier option, cafes usually have alternative items. 

Greek yogurt with walnuts, honey, and fruit salad can be an ideal healthy alternative. Otherwise, raw food ball mixes or something like that can be just as perfect. Other good snacks are fruits and natural protein bars if you need some extra boost of energy.



It’s a very common thing for most of us, when we travel to prefer to eat something that we cannot eat elsewhere. These are the moments when we tend to walk a little bit on the offside of a healthy diet. It’s alright to treat ourselves with something not so healthy from time to time but if we want to stick to the health plan then there are many meals can be just the perfect choice. 

For dinner, pork tenderloin with vegetables or salad can be the right choice regardless of your diet. Eating high-protein meals can keep you fuller throughout the next day and it makes you less likely to call up room service for pizza late at night. 

Always go for an alternative that will make you feel well to have nice dreams and wake up fresher than ever for another healthy breakfast.

In Conclusion: 

Bananas and Apples

While on the road, you can never go wrong with green! Yes, we all know that you found yourself in an unfamiliar place and that indulging yourself into delicacies of the local population needs to be one of the best things about your trip. However, pay attention that the meals are light in calories but rich in energy values. 

Plan your trip in the most healthy way and try to prepare your own food whenever you can, especially when you are uncertain that there will be a chance to bite something healthy where you are heading to.

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