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Bucharest – Europe’s new party sensation
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Bucharest – Europe’s new party sensation


Bucharest – Europe’s new party sensation

There is no corner of a globe that provides partygoers with such bombastic and colorful set of party possibilities like those found in Europe. Next to the already legendary western part of the continent lies the eastern one, unexplored and with new thriving party hubs that provide affordable vacation full of unforgettable nights. Be prepared to meet the party options of Romanian capital city of Bucharest, where some of the best newly formed clubs are thriving one next to the other…

Party in the land of Count Dracula

It should not come to you as a surprise that thousands of bachelor crews flock into this city for some of that epic party in Bucharest. Combining the affordable prices on nearly anything you can set your eyes upon with bustling party scene and Balkan hospitality, proved to be the right formula for Bucharest’s success.

From the historical city center that usually marks the starting point for many visitors with the well covered Bucharest city tours to the most northern part of cities outskirts, you can find a huge variety of different approaches to the nightlife options.

For all those keen to drink a cup of coffee or a pint of beer during the day there are dozens of both modern cafes with secluded rooftops that overlook the city and cozy pubs coated in old architecture and grooving sound.

Some of these cafes like Nomad Skybar and Linea Closer to the Moon are perfect for both relaxation during the day and a crazy cocktail DJ set party during the night. Pubs in Bucharest also prove to be an amazing place for your bachelor crew to spend some of the nights within their walls since live acts with bands that serve unique energy are their permanent mark. Also, expect to get shocked each time you see a check after a couple of rounds of drinking since Romania has some of the lowest drink prices in all of EU.

Provocative and not so expensive top-notch nightclubs

people toasting in night club

Bucharest clubbing scene offers the opportunity to blend in circles where everyone will expect from you to follow the formal dress code and the other side of the spectrum where no one follows the trend and simplicity and freedom are a necessity. Gaia Boutique Club and Face Club are famous fancy spots where reserving your VIP spot might be the right thing to do if you are looking to spend the night in the extravagant surrounding. Control and Expirat, as well as Fabrica and Silver Church, are famous clubs for those who seek more of an alternative and underground touch to their bachelor euphoria.

There is one important thing to know, any club you decide to spend your bachelor euphoria in will be filled with easy going and charming Romanian ladies. They show extensive interest in those who allure them with their exotic touch, and they will be more than happy to join your party circle and hear all about it… Of course, there are some of the hidden Red light spots in Bucharest but it doesn’t even come close to the natural and energetic ladies you will meet during the party hours while top DJs spin and they dance until dawn. For all that is worth even a brief visit to Bucharest can be an amazing new page in your life but a full weekend full of affordable prices and a great party scene is just what it takes for the breathtaking bachelor party.

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