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Ever Dreamed of Becoming DJ?
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Ever Dreamed of Becoming DJ?

Dreamed of Becoming DJ?

Ever Dreamed of Becoming DJ?

Here at Blue River Journey, we believe in encouraging and inspiring people to pursue their dreams, to be brave and to do the things that matter most to them. Our passions are often what governs and inspires us and what makes our lives meaningful. But only through endurance, dedication and determination can we achieve our goals.

When it comes to passion, music is one thing that inspires many people. The music helps us to feel a range of emotions. It becomes the soundtrack to our lives and can transport us away from our everyday worries and into another world.

It’s no wonder that many people dream of becoming a DJ. But how can you get started? Well, it’s merely a matter of taking the first step. The biggest problem is often just that – to simply start. Many people do not see the possibilities. Having a roadmap for where you are and where you want to go is already an excellent way to get started.

In the following lines, we will present to you six steps to help you get started on your dream of becoming a DJ.



The first and perhaps most crucial step is to listen to music actively. Listen to sets, mixes and songs by other DJs on Soundcloud, Beatport, YouTube or Mixcloud for example.

Go to clubs and listen to DJ’s. Get a feel for the music and an understanding of how to build a so-called set and how to control the mood. 

How does a good set start and end? What happens in the middle?

As you listen to others, you will develop a sense of what you want.

Are you interested in house music, electro, dancehall, techno, or pop? Do you want to work with complex or hypnotic rhythms or just make everyone’s smile big on the dance floor?

Knowing what you want will help you find the songs you can then use to create a unique style as a DJ.

Purchase Software and Equipment


Then you need to buy software and hardware so you can start working with music seriously. Serato DJ, Rekordbox, Ableton, Traktor and Virtual DJ are the most popular programs, and each has its distinct advantages.

In addition to software, you also need equipment to mix. You can always upgrade your equipment later, but acquiring a foundation that holds the size is important. 

Pioneer’s industry-standard DJM-850 mixer or Denon DN-X1600 are both excellent choices if we talk about mixers. But, if you want to kickstart it all with from a bedroom DJ carrier, I highly advise you to get Pioneer DDJ400 or a similar controller from that level.

With your software and mixer in place, it’s time to start exploring. You can learn a lot from just being curious and trying your way. We also recommend watching some of the hundreds of video tutorials and tips available on YouTube.

Sign up for a Course


Experiment with your equipment, listen to music made with other equipment and watch tutorials online. It will surely be well invested time. But you often reach a point where you realize it is time to take the next step and to get to the next level; it’s a good idea to sign up for a course. 

There are many courses to choose from, such as software-specific courses for each software platform, as well as specialized skills you can practice such as mixing, beat-matching, production (if you want to compose and record your music for use in sets) and the live performance itself.

Most major cities offer courses in modern music and sound at the university level, but there are also online courses that are well worth exploring.

Record – Mix – Share 


When you feel comfortable with your software and hardware and feel that you have mastered the foundation, it’s time to put together a mix.

The idea is to create a journey for listeners who are happy to offer different surprises. After listening to other DJ’s mixes and works, you should have a basic idea of ​​how to structure a perfect set.

Use a program such as Serato or Ableton to capture your mix and then share it on Facebook, Soundcloud or Mixcloud. This mix can also be your “demo” that you give to people you want to work for or with.

Start playing!


The next step is to start working as a DJ. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Often the best way to get started is at home or student parties. 

Take every opportunity you get to play in front of people. It provides valuable experience. Go to parties yourself and participate actively in club life in your musical genre. Creating contact networks and learning from others is very important.

Another popular method is to contact local bars or clubs. Offer to host an evening when there are not so many guests at the club. If you attract a lot of people, you can continue and maybe even become a regular part of the program.

Don’t forget to send your mix to party and club organizers. You can do it even before you’ve had a gig, but we recommend you wait until you’ve met your audience a few times.

Patience is a Virtue


Once you have started living as a DJ with gigs and working on new mixes, it is essential not to turn off the beat and keep going no matter how dull the future may seem. Try to continue developing at all costs.

Set some ambitious yet realistic goals that will keep your dreams floating above. 

Get to know the people in your community, promoters, other DJs and club owners to build your brand. Above all, be patient. It takes time to become a well-known DJ.

In Conclusion

Why don’t you start today? If not, now, when? It is never too early to start if you do it at the right end. Although the most significant problem people face when chasing their dreams is getting started, the other problem is money. 

So scrap some cash on the side for the first pieces of equipment and happy spinning. We honestly hope that you will soon find your own style and freeze many brains with just the right beat.

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