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10 Tips to Look After When Going on a Holiday with Your Dog
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10 Tips to Look After When Going on a Holiday with Your Dog

Traveling with dog

10 Tips to Look After When Going on a Holiday with Your Dog

Summer is synonymous with vacation and includes escapes for the whole family, both for two and four-legged. Some families opt to travel with their dog, which is why the Pet-Friendly places and locations are constantly increasing and the areas destined for their well-being have spread like wildfire. 

But unfortunately, some small oversights could endanger our four-legged friends or compromise a peaceful holiday, making us completely rethink the idea of ​​a holiday in harmony with our dog. And this is why it is good to think about these unforeseen events first, to guarantee positive stays and absolute relaxation for the whole family. With that being said, here are 10 things that you need to watch out before going on a trip with your dog.

1. Do Not Take Your Dog to Places Where He Is Not Allowed


Despite the numerous places in favor of domestic animals, there are as many that do not allow entry to dogs. Among these, there are museums, bathing establishments, shops, restaurants, places of cultural interest and so on. If a place is not Pet-Friendly do not insist unnecessarily, and do not force your dog to be tied up somewhere under the sun. Avoid these places instead and make sure you change you’re itinerary according to the needs of the whole family.

2. Never Leave Your Dog in the Car

Dog in the car

One of the most serious mistakes is to leave your dog in the car waiting for you. Leaving the air conditioning is not a solution. If for some reason the air recirculation stops, your dog may overheat in a few minutes, causing a cardiac arrest or a potentially deadly illness. 

3. Do Not Choose Inappropriate Activities


No one knows your dog better than you. If you socialize willingly with other humans or other dogs you can feel comfortable, but if you are shy or aggressive with one or the other, try to plan your trip appropriately. For example, better a walk in the park rather than a crowded excursion in the center of a European capital.

4. Do Not Go for a Holiday Together Without Consulting the Veterinarian First

Holiday with dog

It is forbidden to leave for a long journey without having contacted the vet! You will need to prepare yourself in terms of necessary vaccinations, prevention, and any medicines to take with you. If your dog then suffers from particular pathologies, it is good to prepare for any unexpected events. This is all the more necessary if you are thinking of going somewhere far away from his home.

5. Don’t Travel Without Taking Frequent Breaks

Dog on the flor

If you plan to take a non-stop journey with a frenetic pace, forget about your four-legged friend. The presence of a dog will force you to be flexible and patient in your itinerary. Small breaks to stretch, make some snacks and let him drink fresh water whenever you can!

6. Do Not Leave Your Dog Alone in the Hotel Room

Dog alone in the hotel

If your dog is used to barking when he is alone, then you must avoid leaving him alone in a room. It would disturb the other guests of the hotel and be deeply uncomfortable. Also, before booking a hotel, read the rules to avoid incurring unpleasant misunderstandings.

7. Don’t Let Your Dog Keep His Head out of the Window


Of course, it’s always fun to see a dog cool off with its head hanging out the window. It is a serious mistake and rather risky for a large number of accidents, including accidental eye injuries or small flying debris that could injure it, especially if you are traveling at high speeds. 

Keep the window slightly lowered to allow the outside air to pass and keep a certain breeze in the car, but don’t let your dog go the whole way with his head out the window!

8. Do Not Use an Extensible Leash at the Airport


Using the so-called “extendable” leads at the airport may seem trivial, but it is a serious risk to your health. Just a minimal distraction to let your dog get away, getting stuck anywhere and getting stuck in the hectic traffic of airport life. A dog easily gets lost in environments that it does not know, and could create problems for other passengers while you are distracted to load your luggage on the belt! 

Use a classic leash and be scrupulous in keeping it under control.

9. Do Not Travel Without an Identification Plate

Travel with your dog

Before leaving for a trip, check with your veterinarian that the microchip in your dog is still scannable correctly and make sure you have an identification tag on your collar. Your phone number and home address could be essential if your dog gets lost!

10. Don’t Forget to Clean After Him

Cleaning after dog

Bring a large number of hygienic bags with you to collect your dog’s needs and be scrupulous in using them every time. Do not pretend to ignore it, as it is necessary to keep the place clean and treat it with respect.

In Conclusion: 

Dogs at the beach

Put your dog’s needs as a priority to yours since it is always easier to satisfy him than any other member of your family including you. It’s also highly advisable to check wheater your dog has all the necessary approvals from your vet and never leave the home without some potentially necessary medication. Double-check if your hotel is pet-friendly and arm yourself with many poop bags as well as all the important accessories that will make journey whole lotta easier for all of you.

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Some families opt to travel with their dog, which is why the Pet-Friendly places and locations are constantly increasing and the areas destined for their well-being have spread like wildfire.
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